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Our services include

  1. Training needs identification and analysis

    Identifying the right training needs is essential for allocating training dollars. We can support you in conducting fact based training needs analysis using industry good practices like Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)

  2. Competency framework design and benchmarking

    We have done a ton of work in this area for public and private sector organizations in UK, India and Middle East. We would love to share that world class experience in conceptualizing, developing and implementing Competency Frameworks. Our recent work include development of e-Governance Competency Framework (e-GCF) for Government of India’s ambitious Digital India initiative. More details on Introduction to e-Governance competency framework

  3. Certifications and qualifications mapping with profiles/roles

    Our experts have spent over a decade in researching about professional profiles and their underpinning certifications and qualifications. We have developed a list of generic IT Professional Profiles with full mapping with certifications and qualifications from Global Certifying Agencies including BCS, ACS, ISACA, PMI, Axelos, Cloudera, Android ATC to name a few. We would love to discuss these with our clients

  4. Database of pre-verified training vendors and trainers in a range of areas

    We have invested heavily in conducting a comprehensive verification program for Training Institutes across India using our proprietary rating framework which is based on global best practices in training institute verification & accreditation. Our selected list include top players like SimpliLearn, Quit, QAI, Knowledgewood etc. We have over 150 pre-verified partner training institutes and the list is growing. We bring the curated list to you along with exclusive discounts and offers on Classroom Training, Virtual Classroom Training and eLearning. You can also get access to the world-class content if you like

  5. Customization of training requirements

    We know every organization is unique so are the training requirements. We work closely with training decision makers to first understand the requirements in detail and then we prepare the most efficient way to address the needs. Our rich network of top quality training institutes enables us to structure complex requirements very quickly. If you are looking for dedicated batches for your new recruits, existing staff or have another specific requirements, you can try us by sharing your requirements with us by emailing at Our services are free! - another reason to work with us :-)

  6. Exclusive discounts and offers

    We strive to deliver the best value for money to our clients. We bargain hard with our partner training institutes and pass the benefits to our clients. We get a stream of offers, scholarships, last minute deals and early bird offers from our partners and would love to share with our corporate partners

  7. Post training support

    We all know that training is not a one time activity. Smart L&D people understand that interventions are required consistently to build desired capabilities. We help in this area by leveraging technology. Our intelligent algorithm helps us in providing right post training support which includes refresher courses, advanced courses and assessments so that our L&D partners can save their precious time spent unnecessarily in going through big excels, performance systems, individual developments plans etc.


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