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We help Government in making Digital India vision a reality by allocating Right People with Right Competencies for the Right Job

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We offer e-Governance Competency Framework (e-GCF) based assessments to help Government Organizations in identifying fact based 'competency gaps' and 'resource gaps'. Our world-class assessment services are used by Government of other countries and reputed multinationals.

  • We are the authors of e-Governance Competency Framework (e-GCF) for Digital India. Our depth of expertise in developing Competency Frameworks coupled with breadth of experience of working with Central Line Ministries of Government of India, State Governments, Industry and Academia uniquely enables us to deliver what you need
  • For example if you are a Secretary/Add Secretary/Joint Secretary at a Central Ministry/Department or a Principal Secretary / IT Secretary with a State Government and need help in structuring your Digital India team or developing your Capacity Building Roadmap, we are here to have a no obligation discussion with you

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Curriculum Development

We help Training Institutes (and training nodal agencies) in developing e-GCF compliant training curriculums. Whether you are running a 'Train the Trainer' program or helping Government in Capacity Building, we can guide you in aligning the learning outcomes with e-GCF roles. Tell us your learning objectives and we will develop a full e-GCF compliant curriculum to meet your capacity building needs

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Capacity Building Consultancy

If you need help in structuring your capacity building needs or seek expert advice on how to use eGCF or where to start, please get in touch with us for setting up a no obligation discussion with one of our experts.

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